Front-End Developer + Designer

Hello! I’m Clare, a creative problem-solver who enjoys crafting beautiful and engaging digital experiences, and strong brand identities. I strive to write clean, maintainable code in order to create a great experience for users on both sides of the screen.


Logo Design & Illustration

Logo Design & Illustration

Full colour, greyscale, and black & white versions of your logo in any file format you may need: .eps, .png, .jpg, .pdf. Brand style guide including fonts, and suggestions for layouts and stock photography.



Anything you need for visibility offline. Business collateral or promotional print work design, along with printing recommendations.



Everything you need to get online. Web design ideas or theme recommendations based on brand style. Websites built in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and/or PHP (Wordpress). Sites set up on your server and support provided.



All of the sites I build are designed to be fully responsive. Modular designs adapt to all screens sizes and resolutions, ensuring that content looks stunning across every medium.


HTML Website

Mission Crit

HTML | SCSS | jQuery

A crisp, simple site designed to communicate all pertinent event information in a straightforward manner.

JavaScript App

Trumpem Ipsum

JavaScript | jQuery | HTML5 | SCSS

An ipsum generator made up of actual Donald Trump quotes – the perfect non-sensical filler text for your design or development project!

Custom Wordpress Theme

Ploma Theme

Wordpress/PHP | JavaScript | HTML5 | SCSS

A Writer’s Blog. A clean and elegant theme designed to put maximum emphasis on the written works it exhibits.

JavaScript API App

The Sanders Standard

JavaScript | jQuery | HTML5 | SCSS | Webhose API

Built using the Webhose News API, this project aims to highlight the media blackout on 2016 Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders by linking to stories from lesser-known news sources.

JavaScript App

5 O’Clock Somewhere

JavaScript | jQuery | HTML5 | SCSS

5 O’Clock Somewhere uses JavaScript and your computer’s clock to let you know where in the world it’s 5 o’Clock PM, and what people are drinking there.



I like to consider the problem the project aims to solve in order to determine what technologies will be the most effective in addressing it.


Open communication with designers, and knowing why certain design decisions have been made is often instrumental in bringing designs to life using the best suited technologies.

Team Work

I love working on a team of developers as a way to share knowledge and ideas, and learn about new technologies.

Best Practices

I try to keep my code as DRY as possible in order to keep it clean and maintainable for other developers.

New Technologies

Curiosity and my drive to build increasingly intuitive apps and websites push me to keep learning and expanding my skills as a developer and designer.